Outgoing projects


A Dynamic Cultural Centre

Since its creation in May 22, 1925, the Portuguese Authors Society took on two important areas of activity: the mutualist and the cultural. The mutualist one has allowed thousands of authors to find support in old age and in sickness. As for the cultural one, it remains active, always with new proposals. Especially since the beginning of 2004, SPA turned into a dynamic cultural centre opened to the main schools of thought and creation, with its two spaces opened to the public in its two buildings in the centre of Lisbon.

Exhibitions, book releases, symposiums and poetry and music recitals have transformed SPA in a reference of the Portuguese capital’s cultural life and of the country. Recently, the ex-President of the Republic, Mário Soares, held a conference on one of the most important writers of the 20th century, Aquilino Ribeiro, whose work of major literary and political importance was published in 1958.

On the other hand, SPA has supported cultural initiatives that hardly find acceptance in other spaces, and that is one of its functions in the Portuguese cultural life, where we need to provide room for and give voice to young creators and their proposals.

Agreements with TVs

Important presence in some TVs

From October 2009, SPA has a weekly TV broadcast in TVI, a ratings leader channel in Portugal. The programme, entitled “Autores”, is hosted by an author, has a length of 50 minutes and includes, during its broadcasts, a high number of authors from different areas of creation and different ages, in order to provide a wide and representative view of the importance of SPA in Portuguese cultural life.

Meanwhile, the SPA/RTP Gala (RTP is the state TV channel) was broadcasted live from Centro Cultural de Belém, past February 8th, with a big success.This was the moment chosen to present the awards that distinguish authors of all creativity areas represented by SPA, as well as performers and producers of cultural industries. RTP is currently preparing with SPA the authors’s program in that station’s Channel 2, which shall be broadcasted starting the first week of May 2010.


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