The Board of Administrators is the executive body appointed by the Board of Directors. It is currently made up of:

President – José Jorge Letria
Administrators – Tózé Brito and Paula Cunha

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Phone: +351 21 359 44 09
Fax: +351 21 315 72 36

Administrator Dra. Paula Cunha

DPEGF is responsible for:
– Contributing to an increase in the activities of strategic planning and management of the organization, as well as ensuring the good and effective financial management and management control, meeting the accounting and internal control standards;

– Ensuring the follow-up of the “Big Operators” area in conjunction with other departments, as well as regularly promoting the search for new sources of revenue;

– Ensuring collections control and the performance of all of SPA’s Accounting Section and Cashier’s Office tasks.
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Deputy Director: Sílvia Alexandre
Phone: +351 213 594 426

DINSD is responsible for ensuring the proper operation of the different parts of the society’s IT system, namely:

– Organizing, managing and controlling the complete IT equipment of SPA;
– Helping with and giving technical advice on the drawing up of technological update and adjustment plans;
– Developing and maintaining automated tools that process and supply information to all the  departments of the society;
– Maintining our databases’ automatic update systems by using international databases, and vice versa;
– Planning and managing SPA’s corporate information security.
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DRIDA is responsible for:

– Establishing and maintaining contacts with international organizations and sister societies; 

– Preparing and coordinating SPA’s participation in international meetings;

– Drawing up the replies to international questionnaires in close collaboration with the different departments;

– Coordinating SPA’s participation in international festivals and exhibitions;

– Assessing the opportunity to sign reciprocal representation agreements with sister societies. 
The Copyright Office operates within the scope of the International Relations Department, regularly making surveys on, following up and analyzing the main copyright issues.
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Administrator Dra. Paula Cunha
Phone: +351 213 594 466

DEJUR is responsible for:

– Performing all of SPA’s legal work and activities;
– Following up all legal actions, as well as ensuring a timely response to the clarification requests submitted to courts;
– Drawing up responses to inquiries and issuing opinions on copyright issues;
– Ensuring the claim and negotiation of payments due to SPA, as well as drawing up and monitoring the settlement agreements, and monitoring tax and judicial liens against authors represented by SPA.
Contact Details
Dra. Maria Inês Moreira e Dr. Pedro Alfaiate
Phone: +351 213 594 449

DEAPA is responsible for:

– Ensuring all initial contacts with full and beneficiary members, users or any other person who addresses SPA to obtain general or specific information on its activity;
– Providing information about SPA’s nature and operation, its bylaws, purpose, admission requirements for beneficiary members or their upgrade to full members and applications for inheritance, full membership advantages, account reports; providing and receiving the application forms and documents/fees that are necessary for the admission of new members;
– Providing all the documents that are relevant for SPA’s operation, namely the Copyright Royalties Allocation Regulation and Distribution Schedule;
– Issuing copyright royalties’ payment authorizations, in accordance with the schedule that has been determined;
– Making sure that all queries are forwarded to the different internal departments, in accordance with the respective topic;
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Director: Dra. Ana Cardoso
Phone: +351 213 594 498
This department is organized into three sections: Physical Carriers, New Technologies and Serious Music. These areas are responsible for work by work licensing and for handling permission requests for new versions, arrangements and/or adaptations of musical and literary-musical works.


DEDIM – Physical Carriers is responsible for:
– Managing and ensuring the collection of the copyright fees for the uses of works by authors represented by SPA and its foreign sister societies in audio and video recordings and publications;
– Managing IFPI/BIEM contracts, controlling their performance and collecting the copyright fees for the publications made under said contracts;
– Granting licenses for the recording/fixation of musical, literary, literary-musical, dramatic or visual works on phonographic and videographic carriers and for the reproduction of said carriers in order to obtain copies for distribution to the public for commercial or other purposes, collecting the copyright fees that are due and controlling the use of the granted licenses;
– Granting licenses for the synchronization of works in audio (sound) format with works in video (image) format, ensuring the collection of the respective synchronization fees.
– Managing permission requests for new versions, arrangements and/or adaptations of musical and literary-musical works for their use in different media.

DEDIM – Serious Music is responsible for:

– Managing the requests for licenses granted within the scope of serious music concerts;
– Performing searches on works and rightsholders databases;
– Managing the calculation of the representativeness of the protected works used in each concert;  
– Managing the requests to use scores and the sheet music publishing agreements.

DEDIM – New Technologies is responsible for:

– Granting licenses to users who intend to use literary-musical works that are represented by SPA or its sister societies online, namely on videos, websites, among others;
– Granting licenses to users who intend to broadcast literary-musical works on online radio  stations and web TV channels;
– Granting specific licenses for DJs in order to facilitate their activity;
– Negotiating and managing the licenses granted to users that operate in the digital media: music digital sale, ringtones, background music supply, special streaming, as well as any and all new projects in the digital sector using repertoire that is directly or indirectly represented by SPA;
– Negotiating and managing the licenses granted to multi-territorial users operating in Portugal: iTunes, Spotify, Nokia, Microsoft, among others;
– Establishing contact with the authors and/or copyright holders in order to request permissions;
– Handling claims from authors and sister societies;
– Searching for and controlling unlicensed contents online and making the respective contact for their legalization.

Contact Details
Director: Andreia Andrade
Phone: +351 213 594 402
DEXED is responsible for:


– Ensuring the effective operation of the process of controlling and granting the permissions that are necessary for the public use of the works that constitute the repertoire represented by SPA;

– Setting the terms for the use of the repertoire;

– Making contact with the rights users;

– Obtaining the list of performed works from the users;

– Promoting or following up external training activities that are deemed convenient for the promotion of copyright.
Contact Details
Director: João Canteiro
Phone: +351 213 594 444
This department consists of the following management areas: Performing Arts, Literary Publishing/Plastic Arts/Photography/Resale Right/Audiovisual and Advertising.


The Performing Arts (Theater, Dance, Opera, Stand-Up, New Circus, Poetry Recitals and Public Reading) section is responsible for:

– Analyzing, negotiating and individually managing the contracts and files of the authors represented by SPA, either directly or via the representation agreements signed with its sister societies or agencies;
– Making contact with the authors or their legal representatives and the rights users, whenever necessary;
– Requesting previous and express instructions from the rights holders;
– Setting the terms for the use of repertoire when the authors themselves do not determine the relevant copyright fee;
– Granting permissions;
– Invoicing copyright fees;
The Literary Publishing, Plastic Arts, Photography and Resale Right section is responsible for:

– Analyzing, negotiating and individually managing the contracts and files of the authors represented by SPA, either directly or via the representation agreements signed with its sister societies;
– Setting the terms for the use of the repertoire when the authors themselves do not determine them, and making the respective collection of copyright fees;
– Making contact with the authors or their legal representatives and the rights users;
– Granting permissions;
– Invoicing copyright fees;
– Controlling merchandising and the commercial art market
The Audiovisual and Advertising section is responsible for:

– Receiving, analyzing and managing permission requests for the use of protected works in the mentioned media;
– Invoicing the respective copyright fees associated with the intellectual creations (e.g. fees for film-making, screenplay, original music and photography for spots, etc.) in accordance with our members’ instructions;
– Drawing up and managing contracts that establish the terms under which the authors and the producers will collaborate in a specific project;
– Clarifying and forwarding all matters that come within our professional competence;
– Providing information internally about the files whose works have been commissioned for subsequent distribution of Public Communication and Private Copy royalties.
Contact Details
Director: Ana Rita Duarte
Phone: +351 213 594 474

The Operations Dept. (DEDIG) is responsible for managing all operations related to repertoire registration, users control, matching and the distribution of all royalties collected for all types of uses and exploitations foreseen in SPA’s activity as a copyright management organization. The Documentation Dept. and Distribution Dept. are the main areas which compose DEDIG.


The Documentation Department is responsible for the registration, maintenance and update of the works’ database with all the information supplied by its members and which constitutes its repertoire. It is also up to the Documentation Dept. to ensure that SPA’s repertoire is duly and fully documented in the international databases, such as CIS-Net.:
– Work registration of the several repertoires managed by SPA: Music, Audiovisual, Theater, Literary and AGP.
– Management of the national and international repertoire.
– Registration and control of publishing and sub-publishing agreements.
– Registration, maintenance and update of the information of all SPA direct members in the IPI (Interested Party Information).
– Registration, maintenance and update of the national repertoire in the international databases.

The Distribution Department, which is responsible for all the processing operations which allow SPA to pay its own members and its sister societies, consists of 4 core areas:
Users control
– Processing of all program logs from radio, TV, online, live music.
– Processing of all distributions paid by its sister societies for royalties produced by SPA’s repertoire in their territories.
– Documentation of music cue sheets from audiovisual productions.

– Identification and matching of repertoire for the purposes of licensing (online, phono-mechanicals) and distribution (radio, TV and live music).
– Matching of Unidentified Performances to be included in post-distributions.
– Documentation of audio and audiovisual carriers.
– Control of the distribution process.
– Processing of claims from direct rightholders.
– Management of reports and statistical data from distributions.
– Creation of distribution statements and electronic files.
– Management of Unidentified Performances’ files for identification purposes by direct members and sister societies.

International Management 
– Research and claim of exploitations of SPA’s repertoire in other countries.
– Processing of claims from sister societies (in coordination with the Documentation Dept.). 
Contact Details
Director: Alexandre Miranda
Phone: +351 213 594 466
Assistant Director (Documentation): Manuela Baptista
Phone: +351 213 594 463
Assistant Director (Distribution): João Almeida
Phone: +351 213 594 422
Distribution – Users Control
Distribution – Matching
Phone:+351 213 594 466
Distribution – International Management
Phone:+351 213 594 431

The Human Resources, Training and Worker Support Department is responsible for:

– Ensuring that the Human Resources administrative tasks are carried out and that the legal obligations in this area are met;
– Processing payroll;
– Ensuring the maintenance and update of staff records;
– Drawing up the human resources report;
– Managing staff members;
– Handling the recruitment and selection processes;
– Drawing up employment contracts;
– Ensuring the fulfillment of work safety and hygiene, as well as occupational health, obligations.
Contact Details
Supervisor: Administrator Dra. Paula Cunha
Assistant Director: Telma Domingues
Phone: +351 213 594 480

The Logistics and Property Department is responsible for: 

– Providing the logistics support that is necessary for SPA’s good operation and managing the society’s property;

– Requesting quotes and inviting bids, as well as ensuring the purchase and distribution of office supplies;

– Handling and recording the general correspondence and providing translation services;

– Arranging maintenance and repair works of the society’s facilities;

– Ensuring the management of telecommunications and security, as well as of the Cooperative’s car fleet.
Contact Details
Director: António Castro
Phone: +351 213 594 472


Av. Duque de Loulé, 31
1069 - 153 Lisboa
Tel: 213 594 400
Fax: 213 530 257