SPA meets with VEGAP in Madrid and Barcelona

A delegation from SPA went to Spain in order to participate in some work meetings with VEGAP, the visual arts management society of the neighboring country. That delegation, made up of Ms. Vanda Guerra, Director of the International Relations Department, Mr. Alexandre Miranda, who is in charge of Distribution, and Ms. Rita Duarte from ALA (Arts and Literature), has reviewed with the managers of those societies the possibility of sharing VEGAP’s image bank, as well as the eventual  joint  preparation of a set of documents about distribution in this field, for a future presentation at a CIAGP (International Council of Creators of Graphic, Plastic and Photographic Arts) assembly.

During the meetings that took place in Madrid and Barcelona, the licensing and management procedures that are currently in force in both societies have also been reviewed. SPA’s Board of Administrators believes that this kind of bilateral meetings, namely in the visual arts field, may lead to a wider and improved intervention by SPA in this domain of cultural creation.

August 18, 2010



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