SPA pays tribute to Zeca Afonso in Teatro da Trindade and will remember the life and work of Ary dos Santos

On March 21st, World Poetry Day, the show “Zeca Afonso – Coro da Primavera (Spring Choir)” will be on stage at Teatro da Trindade, in a partnership between SPA and INATEL Foundation. The show is artistically directed by Carlos Alberto Moniz and intends to point out the 30th anniversary of the death of the singer and author of “Grândola, Vila Morena”, who had been a SPA’s associate since 1960 and its cooperator since 1978. Also on that day, SPA will announce the message of Poetry Day by the poet and fictionist Gonçalo M. Tavares, a SPA’s cooperator, who wrote it at the invitation of the Portuguese authors’ Cooperative.

The show, with scenography of António Casimiro, will have the participation of Francisco Fanhais, Vitorino, Samuel, Carlos Alberto Moniz, Lúcia Moniz and Diogo Leite, Ana Laíns and Paulo Loureiro, Rumos Ensemble, Silvestre Fonseca, Matos Galamba Philharmonic Band from Alcácer do Sal and Feminine Academic Tuna from Higher Technical Institute (IST). Cândido Mota will be the host.

“Zeca Afonso – Coro da Primavera” is the result of a partnership between SPA and Teatro da Trindade / Inatel Foundation, and will also include reading sessions of theatrical texts on that theatre; a tribute show to José Carlos Ary dos Santos, still in a preparation phase; the support for books’ edition, as well as other cultural and artistic achievements. It is recalled that Teatro da Trindade, an emblematic room of the artistic life of the capital, completes this year a century and a half of existence.

Lisboa, 17th March, 2017



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