SPA report and accounts approved with 147 votes

The Annual Report and Accounts of SPA corresponding to 2017 were approved with 147 votes in favor, two against and five abstentions at the extraordinary general meeting held on 28 March in the Carlos Paredes gallery room in building 2 of the cooperative.

The Transparency Report obtained 114 votes in favor, two votes against and six abstentions.

All proposals for revisions to SPA statutes were  approved always with votes higher than 120.

Lastly, the resolution on the powers of the Fiscal Council to approve the definition of the risk management policy obtained 118 votes in favor, 14 abstentions and three votes against.

SPA considers that these two general meetings, the ordinary and the extraordinary, were important contributions for the unity of the cooperators, for fair presentation of accounts and for the definition of important rules for the future operation of the cooperative.

Lisbon, April 2, 2018



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