In this alarming context of crisis caused by the pandemic, the Portuguese Society of Authors and its more than 26 000 members have an accurate idea of the importance that municipalities represent in the relation of creation, production, artistic diversity and cultural promotion.

A significant part of the problems that authors and artists are facing today are due to the cancellation of contracts and the postponement of events and commitments. The 308 municipalities, the hundreds of parish councils, and other promoting entities at the local level, are really employers, without which culture may collapse and its programming in the coming months and years may become unsustainable.

Thus, in line with the Ministry of Culture’s action plan in this serious context of crisis, the authors undersigned, symbolically on behalf of all authors’ community, appeal to the local municipalities to maintain their previous commitments and, without depriving artists and authors of their fair remuneration, ensure the financial sustainability of their work.

We ask that all signed contracts, which have been postponed due to COVID-19, to be maintained and that, without prejudice to their rescheduling, local municipalities proceed to the urgent payment to authors and artists of 30% in the case of advances, and 50% in the case of cancellations, of the respective amounts in events to be held and already contracted.

The local municipalities know that they could count on authors and artists whenever it was necessary, so now it is the time authors can count on the local municipalities in this serious moment authors are living, and authors will not forget the solidarity received. Thus we will be able to return to the desired normality.

Both Portuguese municipalities, cultural creators and artists know that the work developed over decades in this field has contributed significantly to the economic development of the country and to the strength of local and regional identity.

Culture has helped to create jobs, to increase international attractiveness and national cohesion and also to make local political structures converge with the dynamic vision of some business sectors. Much of what has been done has the distinctive and excellent mark of culture, part of European identity itself.

National municipalities in their wealth and diversity cannot fail to respond to these appeal, we are convinced that the acceptance of this proposal, which is in line with the concerns of the Ministry of Culture, will allow the Culture sector in these critical period of uncertainty and deprivation to face the most alarming needs. To affect the financial sustainability of cultural life is to impoverish democracy, citizenship and the ability of creation of many sectors of the population.

The Portuguese Society of Authors and its thousands of members, are now counting on local government as it has always counted on those who make culture an essential pillar of our collective life. We count on you.

Adélio Amaro
Alexandre Carvalho
Alice Vieira
Amélia Muge
Américo Brás Carlos
Ana Zanatti
André Letria
André Sardet
António Avelar Pinho
António Casimiro
António Côrte-Real
António Eustácio
António José Dias Martins
António Lagarto
António Manuel Ribeiro
António Pinto Basto
António Victorino d’Almeida
Armando Teixeira
Artur Coimbra
Bruno Niel
Carlos Alberto Moniz
Carlos Guerreiro
Carlos Martins
Carlos Mendes
Carlos Nobre (Carlão) Carlos Tê
Catarina Amaro
Catarina Molder
Cuca Roseta
David Fonseca
Diogo Clemente
Diogo Infante
Duarte Coxo
Fábia Rebordão
Fernanda Lapa
Fernando Cunha
Fernando Tordo
Filipe Raposo
Francis Mann
Francisco Madelino
Fred (Orelha Negra)
Gil do Carmo
Gonçalo M. Tavares Graça Morais
Hélder Bruno Martins Hélder Moutinho
Inácio Ludgero
Isabel Medina
Janita Salomé
João Afonso
João David Nunes
João Gesta
João Gobern
João Grande
João Habitualmente
João Lourenço
João Malheiro
João Só
Jorge Fernando
Jorge Paixão da Costa Jorge Palma
Jorge Romão
José Cabeleira
José Cid
José da Câmara
José Duarte
José Fanha
José Jorge Letria
José Manuel Bicho
JP Simões
Júlio Pereira
Lauro António
Leonor Xavier
Luisa Ducla Soares
Luís Cilia
Luís Represas
Luís Sampaio
Márcia Santos
Mafalda Veiga
Manuel Paulo Margarida Gil
Mário Vieira de Carvalho Mário Vitória
Michales Loukovikas Miguel Ângelo
Miguel Araújo
Nuno Barroso
Nuno Carinhas
Nuno Corte Real
Nuno Nazareth Fernandes
Olavo Billac
Paulo Condessa
Paulo de Carvalho
Paulo Filipe Monteiro
Paulo Furtado (Tigerman)
Paulo Sérgio Santos
Pedro Abrunhosa
Pedro Calapez
Pedro Caldeira Cabral
Pedro Camilo
Pedro Campos
Pedro da Silva Martins
Pedro de Almeida
Pedro de Castro
Pedro Galhoz
Pedro Jóia
Pedro Teixeira (Corvos)
Renato Júnior
Rita Redshoes
Rodrigo Leão
Rui Massena
Rui Reininho
Rui Rocha
Rui Vieira Néry
Rui Zink
Samuel Quedas
Samuel Úria
Sebastião Antunes
Teresa Gomes e Rodrigo Dominguez (em representação da A.E.O.M.–Associação de Editores de Obras Musicais)
Teresa Muge
Tiago Novo (Expensive Soul)
Tiago Torres da Silva
Tó Trips (Dead Combo)
Toli César Machado (GNR)
Tomás Wallenstein
TóZé Brito
Tozé Morais
Valdjiu (Blasted Mechanism)
Vera San Payo de Lemos
Vitorino Salomé
Vitor Sousa Lopes
Yvette Centeno



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