SPA delivers thousands of cirurgical masks and a ventilator to those fighting the pandemic on the hospital front

 The Portuguese Society of Authors (SPA) continues to seek and deepen the solidarity mesures imposed by this serious pandemic situation. Within this framework, our cooperative mantains an active and productive dialogue with other entities, with the key priority of supporting the large authors community that daily informs SPA of its needs and expectations. Another priority is to ensure the fair remuneration of more than 150 workers, who are still mostly teleworking. The gradual return to our headquarters will be announced in the forecoming days. The regular operations are being ensured on a daily basis, in order to meet the multiple requests of our members in a timely manner.

As part of its solidarity actions, SPA will deliver one thousand cirurgical masks to the Lisbon Hospital University Center and may adopt similar mesures in the near future.

  On the other hand, SPA’s board of directors has decided, given this difficult fase of  fight against the virus, to buy a ventilator wich will be available at the same hospital services. We are also following closely the creation of ventilators in the north of the country, wich could enable new purchases at a more affordable price.

 Also, all workers will be given the adequate means of protection on their return to SPA.

 SPA believes that its proper mesures for authors will not prevent it from giving effective support to health professionals providing an efficient and impressive fight against the pandemic. That is also the moral obligation of the Portuguese authors and those who represent them.

Lisbon, April 16, 2020



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