European Committee of Authors Societies has Gathered in Belgrade and elected a new President

Under the presidency of José Jorge Letria, it was held in Belgrade, capital of Serbia, on 4 and 5 April, the annual general meeting of the European Committee of Societies of Authors of CISAC comprising 104societies of authors from all over the continent. This committee was chaired until this Assembly by José Jorge Letria, President of the SPA, elected for these functions in Vienna from Austria four years ago.

 More than 100 leaders from all over Europe participated in this assembly. On the 3rd, several meetings were held, one with a team of advisors to the country’s prime minister in the area of copyright and intellectual property. Varied and very current aspects were covered for more than an hour.

 During the two days of work, the dozens of leaders actively participated in the scheduled work that covered all major aspects of copyright. For the Presidency of the European Committee was elected Austrian, Gernot Graninger, president and director-general of AKM, who will serve in the next two years.

 The 2019 assembly will be held in Germany in a city to be announced shortly. Gadi Oron, the director general of CISAC, participated in the workshop and made a long intervention.

 In a brief final speech, José Jorge Letria said goodbye to those present, appealed to the unity of societies and also to dialogue and cooperation, remembering that we live in a continent in transformation where solidarity and  rationality in political management often lacks. From the beginning of May, the president of the SPA will assume one of the three vice-presdiencies of The European Group of Societies of Authors, based in Brussels.

 On Cisac’s leadership behalf, Javier Gutiérrez, vice-president of the world confederation and the leader of VEGAP in Spain, praised José Jorge Letria, highlighting his decades-long career as an author, his struggle for freedom and democracy, its active passage through the policy and the contribution that it has been making to pacify and modernize the SPA, transforming it into a society of reference at European level, already with much evidence given. He also noted with appreciation the developed by SPA to create a wide network of cooperation around lusophony and the affinities that it creates among societies of several continents.



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