Scientist and Writer António Damásio will receive life and work prize during the SPA Gala in March in the CCB

Portuguese scientist António Damásio, Portuguese neurologist and neuroscientist who works exemplary in the study of the brain and emotions accepted to receive the Prize of Life and Work that SPA will assign to him in the CCB in Lisbon, on the next 20 of March, during the annual gala that there will take place. In this way one pays homage to one of the most important names of the science to world-wide level and also to the author of books that are read throughout the world by audiences of several generations and formations.

Born in Lisbon 73 years ago, he has a degree and a PhD from the Faculdade de Medicina de Lisboa. António Damásio is a professor at the University of Southern California. His book “The Error of Descartes” is, among other books, an example of the importance that his published work has had at the global level. Antonio Damasio declared that “every rational expression is based on emotions”.

His name follows, in this gallery of great figures of culture, thought and science, those of Mário Soares, Eduardo Lourenço, Siza Vieira, José-Augusto França and António Lobo Antunes, among others.

António Damásio is a member of the Council of State.



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