SPA launches mobile application for acess to its Membership Portal

SPA has just developed a mobile application (‘app’) that allows its members to access information on mobile devices available on the Members Portal.

This portal is a tool developed by SPA that allows its members to access the information that is most relevant to them in the management of their rights, and to interact, more and more quickly, with the cooperative, from access to the respective member account, with all relevant information (balance of accounts, nature of amounts, etc.), to the consultation of notifications and to the registration of works and through the consultation of communications or by request of clarifications.

With this mobile application, available in iOS and Android environments, it is even easier to see all this information at a time when most authors, by the nature of their artistic activity, have significant mobility. For downloading, simply search for “Sociedade Portuguesa de Autores” in the respective digital stores.

The Board of Directors welcomes this project, fully developed by the IT department of the cooperative, and places SPA at the level of what best exists in this field in the international panorama of author societies.



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