SPA and GNR establish important actions regarding the strategy of both institutions

SPA, in response to a request by the Operational Command of the Republican National Guard (GNR), was welcomed on the 26th of May in the facilities of said institution in Largo do Carmo and was given the opportunity to approach matters of relevance for both institutions.

The SPA delegation was composed of Board Member Paula Cunha and the Directors of the legal department, Carlos Madureira, and of the public performance/delegations department Hernâni Lopes. In representation of GNR was Major Pedro Poiares, Commander of the Directory of Operations.

In this meeting mutual actions were defined in order to  enlight the field police operatives in terms of copyright legislation and what are the aspects that need to be enforced, namely regarding the obligation to have a license in terms of public performance. It must be underlined that everytime an establishment makes available to its costumers copyright protected works, mainly through television sets, radios, computers or any other means, it is legally mandated to have a respective license.

It was also arranged for the technicians of SPA to undertake, in the future, formative programs with GNR on a national level and that may contribute for the general enlightenment of all those that are mandated to enforce the law currently in effect. It was also established a strict connection between SPAs’ national delegates and GNRs’ Regional Operators, in order to make the actions carried out by both institutions more effective.

SPA was granted the opportunity to offer Major Pedro Poiares several copies of editions that it has been carrying out over the years.
It should be noted that SPA has had a fruitful relationship with GNR over the years, and that both institutions have had similar meetings over the years.

SPA is confident that the forces of GNR will always carry out actions to defend both law and justice, and underlines its total availability to carry out adequate cooperative actions.

Lisbon, 26th May 2017



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    1069 – 153 Lisboa