Lusophony celebrated in the Theater of Trindade while the CISAC General Assembly takes place in Lisbon

Portuguese Authors Society (SPA) will be promoting in June 6th, in Theater of Trindade, at 9pm, a show that celebrates lusophony as value of communication and civilization, to coincide with the week in which the Annual General Assembly of CISAC takes place in Lisbon, bringing to Portugal over two hundred and half of leaders from collective rights management organizatiosn from all over the world. Said assembly will take place on the 8th of June, and will count with the participation, among others, from Jean-Michel Jarre, president of CISAC. On this great meeting, CISAC may welcome the Cape-Verdian Society of Music, which represents some of the current greatest musical creators of the world.

Lisbon welcomes both this Assembly, as well as this show and many important meetings of the most important institutions of the world on the subject of authors’ rights in a time that the president of SPA also presides the European Committee of Author Societies of CISAC, a duty which will be upheld until mid-2018.

The show scheduled for the 6th of June will assemble performances by Júlio Pereira, Paulo de Carvalho and Luiz Caracol, from Portugal, Ivan Lins and Danilo Caymmi, from Brasil, Selma Uamusse, from Mozambique, Biru (AF Diaphra), from Guinea-Bissau, and Solange Cesarovna, from Cape Verde.

Admittance to the show will be free of charge, in order to allow the public of Lisbon to associate itself with this act of consecration of lusophony, in a stage in which there is a growing number of people that underline the strategic importance of this aspect of the Portuguese culture.

Lisbon May 24th 2017.



    Av. Duque de Loulé, 31
    1069 – 153 Lisboa