SPA congratulates Salvador and Luísa Sobral, their associates, for the victory at the Eurovision festival in Kiev

SPA expresses its satisfaction for the victory of Salvador Sobral at the Eurovision Song Contest in Kiev, with the song “Amar pelos Dois” whos author is the singer-author Luísa Sobral, Salvador’s sister. Salvador Sobral is a member of SPA since 2016 and Luísa Sobral since 2010.

The victory of this song, sang and always assumed in Portuguese, could have contributed, with its simplicity and excellence, to open new avenues for the Portuguese music, in Europe and in the world, especially in a time of deep crisis of the record industry. The way Salvador Sobral sang, spoke at press conferences and took an overwhelming victory may also help the music market perceive, as the singer himself boldly stated, that making music is not a mere act of “fireworks.”

Salvador Sobral, with a voice and a personal and artistic attitude that everyone greeted, from the President of the Republic and the Prime Minister to the Brazilian author Caetano Veloso, showed that it is possible and desirable to be good and to be different and, at the same time, to convince the Eurovision Song Contest to adopt other attitudes and aesthetics when it comes to enhancing quality, thus avoiding being a very predictable and little stimulating annual parade of banality. The contribution of Salvador and Luísa Sobral is already in the history of the event, with full legitimacy.

Sang in Portuguese, the song “Amar pelos Dois” is already an international reference and an example of how one can work well and emphasize creative and interpretive excellence without the use of exhausted formulas.

SPA is waiting for the Eurovision Festival to be held in Lisbon in 2018 to confirm this trend and this quality.

The cooperative of the Portuguese authors warmly congratulates Salvador Sobral and Luísa Sobral, its associates, for the brilliant result achieved, which honours Portuguese music and its creators and interpreters.

Lisbon, May 15, 2017



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