SPA’s exhibition recalls David Mourão-Ferreira

Born on February 24, 1927, David Mourão-Ferreira would have completed 90 years of life this year, which is why SPA, of which he presided the Assembly General in the 1990s, will remember him with a photographic exhibition that will be open to the public in its building 2 in mid-June.

Deceased on June 16th, 1996, David Mourão-Ferreira was twice Secretary of State for Culture and, undoubtedly, one of the most striking names in Portuguese poetry ever. He was also a professor at the Faculty of Letters of the University of Lisbon, a great essayist and author of letters of fado to which Amália Rodrigues gave the deserved posterity. Distinguished with the SPA Romance and Novel Grand Prix with the book “A Happy Love”, David was also a talent fictionist who several generations read and enjoyed. As chairman of the General Assembly Board, the writer was a symbol of the unity of the Portuguese authors.

The exhibition will consist of photos of the writer at various times in his life. Similar to what happened with Vergílio Ferreira and Mário Dionísio, also great names in Portuguese literature, SPA will recall the fundamental role he played in Portuguese culture. The exhibition will be on display for several months. The name of David Mourão-Ferreira was assigned to a library at Parque das Nações, and his image is remembered and celebrated in the Poets Park in Oeiras, with a sculpture of Francisco Simões, who was very connected, also as a friend, to his work.

Lisbon, May 9, 2017



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