SPA begins urgent solidarity actions towards the populations affected by the fires

Aware of the seriousness of the damage caused by the fires of 15 October and following days to many hundreds of people and entire regions, SPA took the decision to immediately associate itself with solidarity actions aimed at reducing the many shortcomings with which inevitably are faced.

The world of culture is not and never was that of abundance but it has vitality and creativity enough to help shorten the suffering of those who have nothing.

For this reason, SPA has decided to carry out an organized collection of clothing and footwear (for adults and children) and also for household linen (sheets, blankets, bath towels, etc.) which can then be sent, namely through municipalities, for the most affected population groups.
All donations from SPA members and in particular their cooperators should be concentrated at the headquarters of the cooperative in Lisbon (Av. Duque de Loulé, 31) and at its Porto delegation (Rua D. Manuel II, 33 – 2. (Room 24) and Leiria (Rua Dr. José Henriques Vareda, Lt 19, Loja r / c Esq.), because they are the places of the institution that have means of reception and organization of what is to be received.

SPA has no doubt that it can rely on the solidarity of its members to participate in a fight that is not possible to postpone, and it is well known that many hundreds of people do not have at this moment of minimum conditions of installation that allow him to face the proximity of the winter with serenity and the basic comfort. That is why we count on everyone and the quality of your gift, which we thank in advance on behalf of those who suffer in various points in the country. The cooperative will do everything to ensure the fast and competent referral of the donations of solidarity to the populations in need.

Subsequently, SPA considers the possibility of requesting its cooperators with works in the field of visual arts to cede us works that can be auctioned in a public act, on a date to be determined, as a way of raising resources that revert to the populations affected by the fires. SPA thus once again affirms its capacity and competence at a time when no means is dispensable, demonstrating that authors and artists know how to be solidarity when Portugal needs them.

At the same time, and as has already happened in the Pedrógão Grande tragedy, SPA is available, through its delegations, to seek fair and dignified forms of support for the population in the organization of cultural and artistic events, namely those aimed at providing urgent assistance to those who need.



    Av. Duque de Loulé, 31
    1069 – 153 Lisboa