SPA congratulates RTP for 60Years of television and underlines the role of the authors in its history

The SPA congratulates RTP for the marking today, March 7, of the 60th anniversary of the birth of television in Portugal and recalls the fundamental role of authors in general and some in particular for the implementation and success of the Public television station.

Consistent with what it always have defended, SPA expressed the hope that RTP would continue to be a Television service that is aware of the most dynamic and transforming aspects of contemporary society, and should not be held hostage to the audiences that, being relevant, do not reveal and impose what is essential.

On this date, SPA can not fail to highlight the fundamental contribution of Authors such as João Villaret, member of the social bodies, Vitorino Nemésio, David Mourão-Ferreira, chair of the General Assembly, Natália Correia, Raul Solnado, António Victorino d’Almeida, member of the Current Board of Directors, António Lopes Ribeiro, Nicolau Breyner and António Manuel Baptista, among others, for the implementation and success of RTP.

Some of these authors will be evoked and honoured in the television gala which will take place on 15th of March at the CCB, in a joint initiative of SPA and the public television station.

SPA has maintained with RTP a productive cooperation translated in the realization of several annual televising galas in the CCB and the Theater D. Maria II and also of weekly series of programs which value the author status and other aspects of Portuguese cultural life. When, in the previous government, the hypothesis of seeing RTP privatized was raised, SPA took a firm position to defend the public Television, a perspective that prevailed and is present in the current function of the station.

On this date, SPA welcomes all the team that ensures daily the regular operation of the station in three channels and reaffirms its availability to continue to engage in dialogue with RTP, with full conviction of what it represents and being convinced that the more the authors are present in the operation of the public station, the more they value the cultural and artistic life of the country. SPA further considers that the authors should have a regular presence in television programming, since it is the best way to make their works and their vision of Portugal and the world known.



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