SPA Presidente and CISAC Vice-president analyse the international situation on Lisbon

The president of SPA, José Jorge Letria, met with the general director of VEGAP, of Spain, and with the Vice-President of the Board of Directors of CISAC Javier Gutiérrez, who has accompanied the activities of our cooperative and in particular the Lusophone cooperation project, which was also the subject of information and analysis in this conversation in Lisbon. This project is supported by CISAC’s management and will also be highlighted at the meeting of the general assembly of that confederation in June this year in the Portuguese capital.

José Jorge Letria and Javier Gutiérrez also spoke about the situation in Europe and the world after the US elections and Brexit. They also discussed the general assembly of the CISAC European Committee, scheduled for early April in Moscow, to be chaired by the President of SPA.

Both welcomed the recent meeting in Lisbon of José Miguel Sastrón, the new president of SGAE, with José Jorge Letria, in which innovative and stimulating forms of cooperation were discussed in Iberia.

More than ever, the political situation in Europe and in the world requires a regular dialogue between collecting societies that can open the door to forms of work and intervention that defend in a stable way the interests of authors and culture.

Lisbon, February 15, 2017



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