SPA elected the team leader for the next four years with the highest vote in history of the cooperative

 The community of authors chose, in an election held on the 19th of November 2018, the managing bodies that will, under the presidency of José Jorge Letria, govern SPA in the quadrennium 2019-2022. The single list obtained a strong of 304 votes, the highest vote ever in the history of SPA. 

The board of the General Assembly will be chaired by Rui Vieira Nery and the Fiscal Council by the composer Pedro Abrunhosa, both with a mandate now renewed. The list integrates some of the most important names of the portuguese culture.

 The list, with the slogan “All for the Authors, Always!“, was supported by a Commission of Honour consisting of 260 authors from all disciplines. During the election process was launched the a study entitled “Perfil do Autor Português” (Portuguese Author Profile), that was prepared by a team of researchers from ISCSP-University of Lisbon, which will be of great use for institutions in Portugal dealing with culture and its creators. That study call the attention to the need of professionalization of Portuguese cultural creators. A document containing the main 12 strategic objectives of SPA for the next four-year period was also launched. The vitalisation of the Lusophone cooperation project is one of the great commitments of our team. 

 A week ago, SPA launched a volume with the title “O que a SPA Fez e Tem para Contar” (What SPA has done and has to tell), a summary of the more representative news and reports released by the cooperative during the now ending mandate. The new governing bodies will take office in the first days of January 2019.

 The now elected list has more women than the one of the previous mandate. For the first time, were received votes from Oporto Delegation. The number of presential votes was great, in addition to the postal votes.

José Jorge Letria will continue his functions as Vice President of the Board of the European Group of Societies of Authors (GESAC), based in Brussels, after having chaired, until May the current year, the CISAC European Committee of Societies of Authors. 



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