SPA promotes unique study on portuguese Authors

The Portuguese Society of Authors, in partnership with the University of Lisbon / ISCSP, is promoting a study aimed at identifying the profile of the Portuguese author, a work that is of fundamental importance in order to perceive how they live, what expectations they have and what difficulties they face, among other variables, the associates of the cooperative.

With this unique and ambitious study, which will make the sociographic characterization of the creators, SPA will be endowed with a serious instrument with the appropriate academic quality, which will greatly assist in the dialogue with the political power in particular and with the public in general.

Methodologically, the quantitative approach is used in the form of a questionnaire survey distributed by cooperators and beneficiaries.

 The universe of the cooperators is completely auscultated and for the universe of the beneficiaries (more than 25,000) a random and proportional sampling will be used according to the base profiles. The project also provides for the possibility of using the qualitative approach by means of telephone interviews with the authors.

For the success of a project of this nature, SPA counts on the collaboration of its members, from now on, through the cooperators’ response to the questionnaires sent to them by post on February 16th.

Lisbon, February 19, 2018



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