Authors of Portugal and Macau strengthen cooperation through SPA and its sister society MACA

The Portuguese Society of Authors and MACA (Macau Association of Composers, Authors and Publishers), the sister society of Macao with which SPA has reciprocal representation agreements for the members of both societies, reinforce a collaboration that, since it has always been serious and of mutual commitment, now sees crowned a successful and innovative project in the field of musical creation.

On a proposal from MACA, both Societies join forces to produce a joint album “MACA Album Volume 7”, which aims to celebrate MACA’s 10th anniversary in 2018. The album will feature several songs in collaboration between authors members of the Portuguese cooperative of authors and authors members of the Macau Society, resulting in unique compositions and works that merge two fraternal and sister cultures.
The cooperation between both congeners will extend to the cultural week of the Lusophone countries’ relationship with China, in which the SPA was invited to participate, a fact that greatly honours the cooperative of the Portuguese authors.

This approach between authors of Lusophone and Chinese expression comes at a time when MACA assumes a growing position of international relevance, being in the narrow range of the 40 societies of music authors who collect more worldwide.

It should be recalled that SPA has been reinforcing its international presence and its network synergies, especially with the proposal of the Lusophone Confederation of Societies of Authors, which aims at greater solidarity on a global scale in pursuit of the sole and fundamental common objectives: increasing protection of the rights of authors and guaranteeing a fair remuneration for the exploitation of their works.



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