WIPO Director General receives SPA in Geneva and praises the Lusophone project

SPA was received in audience by Francis Gurry, Director-General of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), the Geneva-based United Nations agency. At this meeting, which took place in a climate of great sympathy and cordiality, subjects of various kinds were dealt with, from a geopolitical reflection on culture and copyright in the world to the importance and universality of the cavaquinho. Particular emphasis was placed on the Lusophone project, which is currently being implemented.

Francis Gurry, who considers the Lusophone project promoted by the Portuguese authors’ cooperative to be exemplary, praised the effort made up to now and, thanks to all the way that SPA has already covered in this field, ensured WIPO’s support for the project.

The Director General of WIPO showed a special  interest in the post-graduation on management of collective management entities in lusophony, developed by SPA with the University of Lisbon / ISCSP, a course that he considered essential and innovative. The recent creation of the Lusophone Confederation of Author Societies, the recognition of the Portuguese language as one of the working languages in the CISAC African Committee and the interest in traditional knowledge were also analysed and merited his enthusiastic enjoyment.
On the occasion, Paula Cunha, who represented SPA at this meeting, explained to the Director General of WIPO the intention of promoting the candidature of the cavaquinho to World Heritage, which received the support and sympathy of the leader. Following the opportunity, the SPA board member, gave Francis Gurry a cavaquinho in which is inscribed an inscription allusive to the date and to SPA, a gesture that very sensitized him and which he thanked referring that the musical instrument would be exposed in the congress hall of WIPO.

With respect to the book “Soares sempre fixe”, by Inácio Ludgero, and the cd’s “Cavaquinho.pt” and “A praça do Comércio”, by Júlio Pereira, which was offered to WIPO DG by the board member of SPA, Francis Gurry also highlighted the cultural initiatives that SPA promotes or supports.

Paula Cunha also had the opportunity to meet individually with the Deputy Director General of WIPO, Sylvie Forbin, with whom she talked at length about the current situation of the collective management law in Portugal and the European Digital Single Market package, namely the so-called “ToV”.

It is recalled that WIPO traditionally relates to the level of Member States, which adds to the fact that it is the second time that its Director General receives in audience the cooperative of the Portuguese authors, in a proof of the confirmation of the international prestige which this Portuguese institution has been consolidating.

Lisbon, March 9, 2018



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