SPA will be in TVI24’s and TSF’s broadcasting schedule again

TVI 24 is already recording the first episodes of the “Autores”(Authors) show’s new season, which will be aired this month on a date and time to be announced. The program, which is under the responsability of SPA and this TV station, is hosted by Paulo Sérgio Santos, who has already been SPA’s voice and face on RTP 2 and TVI 24. The guests of this new season’s first episode were Jorge Palma and the doctor, university professor and author of several books Isabel do Carmo, who are both cooperative members of SPA. Catarina Amaro designed the show’s set, as in previous seasons.

Meanwhile, SPA’s radio program “Notas de Autores” (Authors’ Notes) will be aired again on TSF from May onwards and during the next months. SPA’s cooperative members from all areas of creation will be able to talk about their work and that of other authors in short daily notes (just a few minutes long), where topicality is the main criterion.

In this way, SPA ensures once again its regular and prestigious presence in the media, thereby advertising the work of its associates, spreading the values and principles of the defense of author’s rights, and contributing to the prestige of our cooperative’s image, which will be celebrating its 87th anniversary next May 22, which is the Day of the Portuguese Author.

This presence on radio and TV programs has undoubtedly contributed to a more modern, dynamic and open image of SPA with the public opinion in general, as well as with all those who deal with authors and their rights.

Lisbon, May 7th, 2012



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