CISAC European Committee meets in Moscow on 5th and 6th of April under the portuguese presidency

The annual general meeting of the CISAC European Committee, chaired by José Jorge Letria, will take place in Moscow on 5th and 6th of April, with sessions to be held at the National Moscow Hotel and hosted by the Russian society RAO.

The European Committee held its 2016 general meeting in Sofia, Bulgaria, where the President of the SPA was elected for a new mandate until 2018.

The preparatory work for this general assembly, which will involve the 102 societies of authors represented by the European Committee, is currently under the joint coordination of the President José Jorge Letria, in Lisbon, and of the European director Mitko Chatalbachev, in Budapest.

The European Committee is CISAC’s largest one, outnumbering Asia Pacific, Africa and Latin America. SPA has participated in recent years in the annual general meetings of the African Committee, having secured last year in Namibia the recognition of the strategic importance of Lusophony, as proposed, based on SPA’s experience of Portuguese-speaking cooperation, which is in the development phase, namely in Angola and Cape Verde.

The president of SPA has chaired this European committee since 2014, with the election for a first two-year term decided in Vienna (Austria).

The present situation in Europe and all over the world, especially after Brexit and the election of Donald Trump, with the foreseeable consequences to copyright world, stresses the importance of this meeting of the European Committee.

Lisbon, January 24, 2017



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