SPA Annual Gala on March 22 at Teatro D. Maria II with live broadcast on RTP2 public TV channel

The annual gala of SPA took place on March 22, on the stage of the Teatro Nacional D. Maria II (TNDMII) national theater, with live broadcast on the RTP2 public TV channel.

The Management of the TNDMII offered the use of these facilities to SPA, and from now on the cooperative’s main event is to take place at this venue. SPA and the TNDMII will sign a cooperation protocol that encompasses the different areas of work in common. On March 22, the cooperative’s annual awards were presented for all the areas of creation covered by SPA, namely the Lifetime Achievement Award and the Municipal Cultural Planning Award.

At the gala of March 22, SPA highlighted important cultural events in 2016.

The Portuguese Society of Authors has thus ensured with RTP that an annual cultural gala continues to take place with live broadcast by the public TV channel.


Lisbon, March 23, 2016.



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