SPA delegation informed the president of the parliament on the sucess of recent projects

The President of the Parliament, Eduardo Ferro Rodrigues, received in audience the President of SPA, José Jorge Letria, who informed him in detail about the success of the CISAC General Assembly held in Lisbon on June and on all the international events that took place in parallel to this event.

He was also informed about the development of the Portuguese-speaking cooperation project that involves, with increasing intensity, countries such as Angola and Cape Verde, among others.

Accompanied by the Board members Pedro Campos and Paula CunhaJosé Jorge Letria also told the President of the Parliament how SPA has been modernizing and overcoming difficulties still inherited from previous management cycles.

He also spoke about the development of the cultural project of the Portuguese authors’ cooperative, offering copies of recent editions and talking about the importance of the Cultural Fund in supporting creative activity.

The President of SPA spoke of the complex situation of copyright in Europe and the world and stressed the importance of holding the presidency of the European Committee of Societies of Authors and of integrating the Board of the European Group of Societies of Authors with headquarters in Brussels.

The President of the Parliament was also informed about the relevance that SPA attributes to the revision of the Copyright Code and the creation of the Statute of the Portuguese Author, issues presented as priorities to the Minister of Culture Luís Filipe Castro Mendes for resolution by the current government .

SPA will regularly inform the President of the Parliament on the progress of the projects that are currently being implemented.

Lisbon, June 28, 2017



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