SPA expresses its mourning for the tragedy of Pedrógão Grande and studies and applies forms of solidarity

SPA expresses its deep regret at the tragic consequences of the fire that hit several locations in Pedrógão Grande and other places in the same geographical area, causing 62 deaths and more than 60 injuries with different degrees of severity.

SPA calls on public decision-makers to look for ways of combining the civil protection intervention capabilities with the possibility of creating a sound and effective preventive structure, which does not exist at the moment, following the study carried out in 2005.

SPA continues to receive testimonies of solidarity from some of the most important leaders of societies of authors from around the world, some of whom were in Lisbon at the CISAC general meeting on 8 June, being captivated by the sympathy and capacity of the Portuguese people.

At the moment, SPA is studying concrete forms of solidarity that will try to put into practice with the entities that will be present in the zone of the tragedy to carry out the traditional summer celebrations and other forms of reception to the national emigrants during vacations.

The same will be done in relation to solidarity concerts already planned for various parts of the country in the coming weeks.

On the other hand, in contact with the central decision-making structures of voluntary firefighters, SPA will seek to strengthen the supply of water, compresses, saline and energy bars that are lacking for those who are strengthening all the operational units active in Pedrógão Grande and throughout the vast region affected by the flames.

All these actions will be coordinated with the SPA delegations in various parts of the country, without prejudice to those that may be adopted in the light of the gravity of the situation.

Lisbon, June 19, 2017



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