SPA «AUTORES» program on TVI won cultural information award

SPA with its AUTORES program, resulting from years of cooperation with TVI in the field of television communication, won the trophy for Best Cultural Information Program at the Impala Television Trophy Gala.

The awards, attributed by a vote of the readers of the magazines edited by Impala (TV 7 Days / Nova Gente and VIP) were delivered yesterday, 11th, during the Gala held at the S. Jorge cinema.

In the category of Best Cultural Information Program, besides the AUTORES were also named Notícias do Meu Pais – RTP, Sociedade Civil – RTP2, Cartaz Cultural – SIC e Janela Indiscreta – RTP.

SPA is very pleased with the award of this prize to the AUTORES program, as it confirms the quality of a collaboration that has been maintained over the last years, ensuring the regular presence in this television space of dozens of the most important national authors and also of some foreign authors who visit us.

For this reason, this program has been a unique area of ​​cultural communication and information sharing in this field which has led SPA to continue to focus on this model of joint work, congratulating TVI for the excellence of this cooperation and expressing a wish that TVI, always adapted to the circumstances and cultural changes, extends in time to gain of the involved entities, the authors and the culture in Portugal.

Lisbon, June 12, 2017



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