SPA Has a New Organizational Chart

 Last 26 March, SPA’s Board of Directors unanimously approved the cooperative’s new organizational chart, which makes its operation more agile and transparent, and better able to answer the needs of its cooperative members. Above all, it allows for a modernization which is essential in a company that needs to be prepared for the huge present and future challenges.

Let it be reminded that this aim, which had long been programed, was never achieved. Therefore, the structure of the services remained in its original form for many years, eventhough it had become obsolete. On the other hand, SPA’s new organizational chart (see below) allows the cooperative to follow the modernization processes that have already been implemented or which are in progress in international sister societies with which SPA keeps regular and reciprocal relations.

Click here to view SPA’s new Organizational Chart 

Lisbon, 4 April 2013



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