SPA receives delegation of the Copyright Agency of Azerbaijan

A delegation of the Copyright Agency of Azerbaijan, comprised of two of its senior staff members, has visited SPA to acquire a more direct knowledge of the Portuguese copyright management reality, namely in what concerns the way SPA is organized and operates, as well its relationship with the respective supervisory entity.

This visit took place within a program for the development of copyright management in the Republic of Azerbaijan, co-funded by Greek, Romanian and Spanish entities, whose coordinator accompanied the delegation.

The collective management of copyright does not have a solid tradition in that country yet and the three existing societies (two for the management of copyright and one for the management of related rights) are now taking their first steps. Under these circumstances, the state agency believes it must be active in integrating and supporting the activity of collective management societies, looking for models that may be adapted to their national reality. Considering its experience, characteristics and performance, SPA has been chosen for the first of a short series of visits that will take place for that purpose.

The delegation got acquainted with several issues, namely the current situation of piracy in Portugal and how SPA is fighting this scourge, as well as the kind of collaboration there is in this area between SPA and the Inspectorate General for Cultural Activities.

Lisbon, July 25, 2012.



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