WIPO invites SPA Director General for Cape Verde working visit

The director general of the Portuguese Society of Authors, Paula Cunha, will travel to Cape Verde from the 12th to 18th of February at the invitation of the World Intellectual Property Organization, the United Nations agency, based in Geneva.

This mission, for which WIPO requested the support of the Director-General of the Cooperative aims to support the Government of Cape Verde and the Cape Verdean Society of Music (SCM) in matters related with copyright with a particular emphasis on the functioning of Collective Management.

Among the planned initiatives are already included meetings with the Minister of Culture, with the President of the Sal Municipality, with the president of the Association of Municipalities of the Country and the the availability of the President of Cape Verde is still to be confirmed.

During the visit, the mission will be accompanied by Solange Cesarovna, President of SCM, a CMO from that country who applied for a provisional membership of CISAC with the support of of SPA.

SPA considers that this invitation from WIPO is of great value and that it contributes to strengthening the Lusophony project that SPA has been developing.

Lisbon, February 3, 2017



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