SPA welcomes António Guterres’s election as un Secretary General whose candidature was enthusiastically supported by the society since the beginning

The Portuguese Society of Authors warmly expresses its satisfaction with the election of Eng. António Guterres to the post of UN secretary general, with 13 votes and no veto. That candidature was publicly supported by the cooperative of the Portuguese authors since the beginning with communications and the sending of letters to the UN headquarters and the European Commission in Brussels, increasing the support of the structures of the civil society who stressed the unique qualities of the Portuguese former Prime Minister and former coordinator of the High Commissariat of United nations for Refugees, who strongly fought for the rights of million refugees from so much theatres of war.

The voice of thousands of Portuguese authors stressed the importance and urgent opportunity of this choice that highly honours Portugal and UN and puts a Portuguese person on the top of the world intervention in the name of the defence of peace and dialogue among people and nations in a period of great instability, uncertainty and tension. António Guterres will also contribute to the defence of the rights of those who, when creating, make this global world more human, unite and willing to dialogue.

SPA can not let to highlight the key role of the President, the government and the Portuguese diplomacy in strengthening this successful candidacy which is a reason of pride for Portugal and the Portuguese language for whose defense and promotion the cooperative of authors has been strongly fighting, as just happened now with the signature of an important manifesto in Rio de Janeiro. With this election, Portugal has a notability that greatly honors and mobilizes us.

Lisbon, the 6th of October 2016



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